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Merlin ERP is a fully modular, modern ERP which has had over 100+ man years of development specially for the FMCG (edible oil, spices etc) & franchise food industry.

Merlin Data Warehouse

A complete data warehouse & data plumbing for all aspects of a business including Human Resources, Payroll, Sales, Inventory, IoT & other ERP modules.

Merlin Analytics

A browser based business intelligence tool with built in artificial intelligence capabilities, live dashboards, and used by some of Pakistan’s largest organizations.

Merlin Turing – Anomaly Detection

Turing branch’s payroll centric module adds anomaly detection to Merlin Payroll. This highlights anomalies in payroll calculations there by reducing payroll processing time by over 30%.

Pegasus – Order Lab

Pegasus Order Lab is Turing branch’s recommendation engine designed to work with Pegasus PoS which recommends products to up sell during the ordering experience for restaurants and fast food outlets / chains.

Merlin Turing – Preventative Maintenance​​

Merlin Turing’s IoT features add preventative maintenance abilities to Merlin ERP (& other ERPs) by consuming IoT data from industrial machinery and predicting failures before they happen, saving $$$$s in the process.​

Get Analytics in Minutes

Merlin Analytics* is a web based self service business intelligence platform which helps you gain, never seen before, insights from your data * powered by Oqlis

Reports in minutes…Sounds like magic?

  • Rapid ETL capabilities.
  • No strain on source databases.
  • 70% faster & cheaper than traditional Extract Transform Load or Extract Load Transform techniques.

Enterprise Grade Features

  • Drag & Drop Creator.
  • Artificial Intelligence Built into Dashboards.
  • Access Anywhere, Any Time.
  • Affordable Monthly Pricing.
  • Live Dashboards for IoT Monitoring.

Pricing for enterprises of all sizes

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